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In-depth legal education at your own time, your own place,  your own pace.

  • Eighty-four law school proven classes developed by Ralph Losey and the e-Discovery Team blog.
  • Legal training requiring over 75 hours to complete, offering supplemental reading and research assignments, helpful questions, testing, and graduation.
  • You can sample five classes for free. Then pay to take all of the rest

Interested in seeing what e-Discovery Team Training is all about?

You can enter and audit the first five classes for free, Section 1 Opening Statement and Modules 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D (shown above under Section 1 tab).  All you have to do is register and sign up for a free account.  After registration, you will also be able to peek into each class, so to speak, and look at the beginning segment of each of the 84 modules that make up this course.

Try doing that in a brick and mortar law school!

This is a great way to get a better idea of what the program is about.

If you decide to enroll you can enter either as a Junior for $500, or a senior for $1,000. Both levels give you access to all 84 classes, but the senior level also entitles you to testing.  Online e-Discovery Team training is designed to empower you the student to study at your own time, your own place, your own pace. You can take all the time (almost) you want to complete the program, although we have a two-year cut-off for the Junior level only.

If you also enroll as a Junior and then upgrade later to Senior level. Only Seniors can be tested and graduate from the program. If you pass our law school type test, we will certify your successful completion of the program. If you fail, we will allow one free retake at the next exam period.   More of the details are explained in our Course Overview and Curriculum.

To summarize, the first five classes, Section 1, and Modules 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-E, are given away . Only Registration is required where you identify yourself and agree to follow the rules. More on that later. To see the other 79 classes you have to register as either a Junior or Senior. The tuition required either level is easily made online via PayPal.  It just takes a minute.

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Seniors Can Also Be Tested and Certified

All serious students will want to register as Seniors where they will be tested and can prove their proficiency. If they pass, we will acknowledge and confirm their successful completion of the training. After Seniors complete the entire program, they are given an online law school type written exam.  Once they pass, they will be provided with an e-Discovery Team certificate of successful completion of the training program. These diplomas will not be given away lightly, and although we do not purport to certify competency in the subject in general (we look to State Bar Associations in the future for that), we will test understanding and competency in the materials here presented. A certificate from this program will have to be earned. It will depend upon completion of all of the online studies. Not everyone will pass these written and oral exams on the first try, but, like Bar exams, you will be allowed to retake the tests. Unlike Bar exams, however, the first retake will be offered for free.


We are offering a chance here for real learning with deep, law school proven coursework, not just haphazard net-surfing or superficial learning. Our program is comprised of sixty-two online classes and takes anywhere from 75 to 400 hours to complete. The total time required depends primarily on the amount of time you take to do the follow-up research and assignments at the end of each class. The better students tend to take more time to do things right. If you are ready to get serious about your career and are not afraid of hard work, this program is for you. You can learn all aspects of electronic discovery law, A to Z, and, if you love the subject like we do, you’ll have fun doing it.


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